What Are Stem Cells & Why Are They So Important?

Two scientists in a stem cell clinic working on stem cell research
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Aging is a natural and normal part of life. But what if we told you that you could cheat the biological process of aging in a completely safe and holistic way? You can derive help with that goal through stem cell activation.

What is Stem Cell Activation?

Stem cell activation is a functional regenerative medicine practice that aims to help induce the body’s natural and youthful ability to help heal itself by using sourced biologics, that could effectively treat conditions such as inflammation, disease, and damage by cell surface receptors.

Often used as a biohacking technique, stem cell activation procedures are recognized as a biological way to turn back the clock. But that’s not all that stem cell activation is used for! 

Stem cell activation is utilized by individuals of all ages and backgrounds to assist with the following purposes: 

  • Chronic Pain Management 
  • Spot Injury Treatment 
  • Inflammation Reduction
  • Auto-Immune Disease Management  
  • Spinal/Joint Injury Treatment 
  • Sexual Enhancement 
  • Degenerative Disease Management 
  • Youthful Biology, and more!

What Are Stem Cells? 

Stem cells are your body’s raw cells/materials that generate the body’s tissues and functions. Unlike other cells in your body, stem cells are the only naturally occurring cells in your body that can generate new cell types needed to perform specific functions.

Stem cells not only are used to replace cells affected by disease or damages, but stem cells can help us understand why and how diseases occur in the first place. 

Studies show that adults have 50,000-200,000 adult stem cells that can differentiate into one of nearly 220 different types of cells in your body. 

However, while we are born with thousands and thousands of stem cells, our body slowly runs out of stem cell function due to these reasons: 

  • Aging: Natural aging causes DNA damage that can lead to the progressive decline in the effectiveness of our stem cells. 
  • Environment: There are many internal and external threats that can deplete our stem cells, such as pollution, radiation, hormonal issues, substance abuse, etc. 
  • Genetics: Certain genetic factors can cause individuals to be born with more or less stem stems. 
  • Overuse: The more that you use your stem cells, the more that you risk running out of them, or damaging them for good. This is why athletes tend to have less stem cells than most individuals. This is called a cellular sentence.

Through stem cell activation, you can re-stimulate and re-invigorate sleepy or senescent stem cells to make them more active and youthful. If you are curious to learn more about how stem cell activation can help you live a healthier, happier, and pain-free life, then we can help!

Improve Your Health & Overall Weallness with ReCELLebrate

At ReCELLebrate, we proudly offer stem cell activation solutions to individuals for adults of all ages and backgrounds. Using injections, IV drips, and other stem cell activation methods, we enable you to reach your unique wellness goals with this regenerative medicine technique.  

You can get help in reclaiming your health and wellness through stem cell activation. Contact us today to chat with our team of regenerative medicine professionals about functional stem activation for you or your loved ones!