What is Regenerative Medicine and How Does it Work?

Stem cell activation and therapy
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Our bodies are incredible machines that sustain life. Composed of so many individual functioning parts and pieces, our body parts work together to keep us going. But just like any machine, body parts, even down to the sub-microscopic elements within our cells, can become damaged or tainted. Whether it be through disease, injury, or simply the degenerative impact of time, your body requires TLC to run optimally. 

While most individuals are recommended pharmaceuticals to treat ailments, there is a more functional, natural, and sustainable way to help ensure that your machine, or body, is up to par – regenerative medicine!  

What is regenerative medicine? 

Regenerative medicine refers to a field of medicine that helps a person tap into their own healing properties like when you were younger. Biological methods have been studied to help someone replace tissue or organs that have become damaged. Whether it be disease-related damage, trauma, chronic illness, congenital issues, or something else, regenerative medicine tools include multiple modalities to help re-engineer tissue by stimulating and amplifying the body’s natural ability to heal itself. 

One of the most practical and functional biochemical techniques used to help induce tissue regeneration and healing is the technique of stem cell activation. 

How does stem cell activation work? 

The stem cell activation technique is a promising regenerative medicine treatment modality that utilizes stem cells or exosomes from the most youthful sources. Often administered via injection or IV, stem cell activation procedures reach the site of diseased or damaged tissue to help induce the reconstruction and regeneration of the tissue, with the goal of replacing damaged tissue with healthy, new cells and tissues. 

The benefits of stem cell activation are potentially endless. From enhanced longevity, spot injury treatment, pain management, natural disease management, and more, there are several reasons why individuals of all ages and backgrounds choose to explore the type of help that stem cell activation offers.

Where do stem cells come from? 

Stem cells come straight from our bodies. At one point as an embryo, they were made up of only stem cells.  These stem cells can be collected from amniotic fluid, the placenta, and umbilical cord sources when the fetus has been delivered.  Adult sources of stem cells include bone marrow, dental pulp, skeletal muscles, blood, and fat, to name a few. 

Functional Regenerative Medicine Solutions for You

At ReCELLebrate, we help you reclaim your health and wellness through functional regenerative medicine solutions. Offering stem cell activation as means to help you manage your chronic pain or other problems naturally, we enable you to take back control of your health with natural stem cell activation procedures that are tailored to help you meet your specific wellness and longevity goals. 

Whether you are suffering from chronic pain, searching for ways to turn back the clock, or looking for regenerative medicine options for your elderly loved ones, we are here to answer your questions and help you explore with you the possibilities of stem cell activation. Contact us today to learn more about our stem cell activation and see if this regenerative medicine solution is the right fit to help you with your needs.