Where Do Stem Cells Come From?

Regenerative medicine in biohacking
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By now you surely have heard about the restorative benefits of stem cell activation. Gaining popularity in the last decade, stem cell activation methods are being used to help address diseases and injury. 

While stem cells are the subject of rigorous debate, there is no denying the growing number of research articles reporting the benefits of stem cell activation, which include: 

  • Biohacking 
  • Improved Vitality 
  • Disease Management 
  • Spine/Joint Injury Treatment
  • Auto-Immune Disease Management 
  • Sexual Enhancement, and more!

With undeniable health benefits, you may be wondering where stem cells even come from! Keep reading to find out the answer to that question.

3 Common Sources of Stem Cells

There is no one singular place that stem cells come from. However, it is well known by regenerative medicine experts that the best place to find adult stem cells is in your own body tissue, such as your bone marrow. Yet, this is not the only source for stem cells. Other common sources are:

1. Perinatal Stem Cells

Did you know that both amniotic fluid and umbilical cords have stem cells? These stem cells found in pregnant women have the ability to change into specialized cells. 

2. Adult Stem Cells

Believe it or not there are stem cells right in your body. Although found in small numbers, your naturally occuring stem cells can create various types of cells, helping you to achieve your wellness objectives through your own stem cells. 

3. Embryonic Stem Cells

As their name implies, embryonic stem cells are sourced from embryos that are 3-5 days old. At this state of development embryonic cells are extremely versatile and can be used to repair/regenerate nearly any diseased organ or tissue. However, these are unavailable and controversial given the nature of their source.

As you can see,

ReCELLebrate: The experts in Stem Cells

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