How Stem Cells Can Help Degenerative Diseases

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Degenerative diseases not only impact the individual with the disease, but their loved ones as well. Characterized by the loss of cells, or loss of cell function, degenerative diseases hinder your body’s ability to respond appropriately to an injury, infection, or disease, which leads to the slow deterioration of your body and overall quality of life. 


There is no one sole cause of a degenerative disease, although chronic inflammation has on overarching role in most of them. Certain neurological degenerative conditions such as Parkinson’s, MS, dementia, etc. may be biological or even genetic. Other degenerative diseases may be the result of a traumatic injury such as a stroke, spinal cord injury, brain injury, etc. 

All of these have inflammation in common in some form.  Inflammation slows cell function, slows regeneration, and slows our own stem cell activities.  The longer this inflammatory process goes on, the more degeneration accumulates.


It is important to understand the risks of degenerative diseases. While certain risk factors are unavoidable, other factors may be within your control. Here are some of the risk factors of degenerative diseases: 

  • Poor overall health and lifestyle choices that impact spinal discs. 
  • Obesity. 
  • Strain on spinal discs and joints
  • Prolonged sitting and/or bad posture. 
  • Family history of back pain.
  • Heavy lifting and/or labor-intensive jobs.
  • Cognitive and mood decline.


Reclaiming health can seem like an uphill battle for individuals with a degenerative disease, but not all hope is lost! Through stem cell activation you can stimulate the replacement of lost cells, or repair cell function altogether–all while reducing inflammation and promoting your body’s natural ability to heal itself!  This “regenerative” medicine supports regeneration, the opposite of degeneration.

The best part about this regenerative medicine practice is that stem cells activation can be offered so simply and efficiently.  No pharmaceuticals or surgeries are necessary.  Most of the procedures are delivered by i.v. or direct injection.  

Here are some of the known benefits of stem cell activation for individuals with a degenerative disease:

  • Regrowth of Cartilage 
  • Enhanced Flexibility 
  • Better Mobility 
  • Pain/Stiffness Reduction 
  • Reduced Inflammation 
  • Improved Muscular Strength
  • Reduced Medication Dependence 
  • Better Quality of Life


At ReCELLebrate, we proudly offer stem cell activation services to individuals suffering from a wide range of degenerative diseases. Working directly with you or your loved ones to determine which regenerative medicine option is the right fit, our team of stem cell activation experts helps you find the right stem cell method that fits your needs to help you address your specific problems.

Whether you or your loved ones are suffering from MS, spinal cord injury, Alzheimer’s, dementia, or any other type of degenerative disease or condition, we are here to help. With regenerative medicine, you always have options! Contact us today to learn more about the healing and restorative help of stem cell activation.