Opioid-Free Options for Pain Relief

Painkillers spread out on a surface
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The opioid crisis is a prominent issue amongst Americans with nearly 3.8% of adults abusing opioids each year. However painkillers are a physician’s traditional go-to solution for managing chronic pain, so what are individuals to do? 

You need relief, but you also run the risk of becoming addicted to opiods in the process. 

If you are suffering from chronic pain do not become discouraged. There is hope! 

Here are some natural ways in which you can manage your chronic pain and reduce dependency on pharmaceuticals:  

  • Exercise: You may be able to reduce chronic pain and avoid further triggers gentle movement such as swimming, walking, etc. Note that strenuous exercise can have the opposite impact. Exercise releases endorphins (our internal opioids) and stimulates stem cell activity.
  • Guided Breathing: Teaching your body biofeedback techniques such as guided breathing can train your body to naturally calm down and reduce overall pain response. 
  • Hot/Cold Method: The hot/cold method is used topically to increase blood flow and reduce inflammation by applying heat and then ice to affected areas. 
  • TENS Therapy: Working to scramble-up or completely hide pain signals, TENS therapy is administered via low-voltage impulses that are delivered directly through the skin. 

As you can see there are many pill-free alternatives to managing chronic pain, but there is perhaps no better solution to naturally assist with getting rid of chronic pain for good than stem cell activation

Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine Alternatives

Stem cell activation, sometimes referenced in line with  stem cell treatment, is a regenerative medicine practice that utilizes our body’s own stem cells to help replace damaged tissue by stimulating the body’s natural ability to heal itself. 

If you are looking for a natural way to get rid of chronic pain for good, then we may be able to help. 

At ReCELLebrate, we are passionate about helping our clients achieve their optimal state of health, wellness, and longevity through functional stem cell activation methods. Unlike painkillers, steroid injections, or other addictive pain-relief methods, we harness the power of regenerative medicine through stem cell activation, naturally helping to address chronic pain at a cellular level. 

Whether you have a painful spinal injury, sports injury, back pain, or all three, we work with you to seek alternative solutions through regenerative medicine, so that you can reclaim your vitality and strength once again. Do not let chronic pain win the battle! Contact us today to chat with our stem cell medical experts and see if you are an ideal candidate for stem cell activation or other regenerative medicine solutions.