3 Effective Tips for Improving Neck Pain

Woman having neck pain stem cell therapy
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Your body is a functioning unit composed of several different elements. But when one of these elements is out of balance or affected by chronic pain, such as your neck, it can impact your entire physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Individuals who are plagued with chronic neck pain either from an old injury or from age-related degeneration understand how debilitating it can be and may even struggle to carry out a normal routine.

Pro Tips for Improving Neck Pain

If you or your loved one struggles from chronic neck pain, then check out these pro tips for improving neck pain issues the natural way: 

Tip #1

If you are in a forward flexed position (like sitting at a computer) then try and shift your position with a posture reset (moving the head backwards to extend the neck) every 15-30 minutes. This gets your blood flowing and reduces the build-up of neck pain and knots. 

Tip #2

Certain ergonomic adjustments help to alleviate pressure on your neck. If you have a desk job try and adjust your computer to an eye-level position for easy viewing, for example.

Tip #3

Did you know that too many pillows can stiffen your neck and cause it to be bent too far forward in a prolonged manner? Reduce the amount of pillows you sleep on at night to reduce neck pain and increase your range of motion. 

While the above methods may help to reduce neck pain, they are not always effective in eliminating chronic neck pain altogether. 

Effective Solution for Chronic Neck Pain

With an immense amount of pain and pressure weighing on their neck, shoulders, and upper back, individuals suffering from chronic neck pain may seek out addictive pharmaceuticals to manage pain–but there is a better solution! 

Through regenerative medicine, more specifically stem cell activation of specific pain targets in your neck, it is possible that you can successfully manage your chronic neck pain or even eliminate it altogether. 

As a natural, functional way to enable your body to heal itself, stem cell activation works by activating your body’s ability to regenerate younger and healthier cells that replace damaged cells/tissues and to reduce the inflammation that is associated with injuries and degeneration.  Reducing inflammation has a direct relation to reducing neck pain through this path 

A functional alternative to repair or replace damaged and diseased cells, stem cell activation and other regenerative medicine practices are changing the game in health, vitality, wellness, and longevity for individuals of all age groups with various sources of pain –including those with chronic neck pain.

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