Why Do Athletes Choose Stem Cell Activation?

Pushing your body to the limit is what being an athlete is all about.  From sprinting a little bit faster to lifting a little bit more weight, athletes are constantly in search of ways in which they can push the envelope. The harder you push your body, the more you can gain..to a limit.. 


But the same rule applies when it comes to athletic injuries. The harder the push, the harder the fall. 


Nearly 90% of all athletes, both amateurand professional, have experienced a sports related injury. While the majority of athletic injuries are easily cured, many athletes experience serious injuries that permanently impact their ability to perform. 


While athletic injuries are common, the use of stem cell activation to help reverse spot injuries and inflammation is not. Yet, stem cell activation and other forms of regenerative medicine have been known to not only reduce inflammation, but have been shown to reverse the impact of injury altogether. 


Let’s delve into why stem cell activation is an ideal choice for athletes. 


What Is It? 

Stem cell activation is a regenerative medicine practice that includes the stimulation of stem cell activity in the body.  These cells become less active with age, but have the potential to assist with healing and regeneration. Stem cell activation reduces recovery time and activates the body’s ability to heal, or regenerate, naturally.


The Stem Cell Activation Process 

Although stem cell activation may sound complex, the concept is quite simple. The process of stem cell regenerative medicine is as follows: 


  •  A simple IV of stem cell activators, or a direct injection into a specific area delivers a message to sleepy stem cells already in our bodies.
  • The body begins to generate new, healthy proteins, fight inflammation, and create repaired tissues like cartilage, leading to rapidly increased recovery times. 


Professional Athletes & Stem Cell Activation

Due to stem cell activation’s ability to assist with the body’s ability to regenerate cells, proteins, and tissues rapidly and cut athletic injury healing times in half, stem cell activation has become a top choice amongst several professional athletes, including: 


  • Tiger Woods (Golf) 
  • Peyton Manning (Football) 
  • Rafael Nadal (Tennis) 
  • Chris Johnson (Football)


At ReCELLebrate, we help you heal and recover using stem cell activation and other forms of regenerative medicine. Ideal for individuals of all ages and physical abilities, including athletes, stem cell activation is changing the game in optimal human performance by stimulating the body’s natural ability to heal itself. 


From spot treatment to cosmetic benefits and everything in between, stem cell activation is no longer the future of optimal health and longevity.