Stem Cell Activation in Colorado

Since 2018 we have been the preferred choice for stem cell activation in Colorado. Led by Neurosurgeon Jeffrey D. Gross, M.D., we have the experience and training required to help you reach your specific wellness objectives. 

Serving a wide range of patient populations, Dr. Gross works hand in hand with his patients as a trusted partner in their journey of achieving optimal health,  wellness, and longevity. Curious about stem cell activation and precision regenerative treatment for areas of new or old injuries? Looking to slow down aging and restore vitality? Whatever your health goals, Dr. Gross and his team of Stem Cell Specialists are here to help!


Stem Cell Specialists in Colorado

When it comes to stem cell activation in the Centennial State there is no better choice than ReCELLebrate. Not only does Dr. Jeffrey D. Gross and our team have the extensive experience, background, and training required to provide the most advanced regenerative treatment options, but we truly care about our patients, going the extra mile to provide the personalized treatments that address your unique health requirements and goals. 


Our Stem Cell Specialists work with you to find the ideal regenerative medicine treatments to achieve your health objectives. Our stem cell activation services for Colorado include but are not limited to: 


  • I.V. Stem Cell Activation
  • I.V. Vitamin C Therapy
  • I.V. Vitamin B-12 Therapy
  • Joint Pain Direct Biologics Application for Cartilage Repair
  • Spine Pain Direct Biological Application for Disc Repair
  • Dry Eyes Direct Application
  • Sexual Health Direct Application
  • Hair Restoration Direct Application
  • Custom Precision Biohacking Services 
  • Custom Stem Cell Activation to address Autoimmune Problems

Regenerative Medicine for Colorado

Here are some of the reasons why ReCELLebrate is the preferred choice for regenerative medicine in Colorado:

Custom Treatments

We understand that every patient is unique and has their personal motivations for exploring regenerative medicine. By getting to know you personally and offering custom, cutting-edge strategies, our Stem Cell Specialists enable you to reach your individualised wellness goals. 


Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in healthcare. Not only are we versed in the complexities of the nervous system, but we have extensive training in biochemical, molecular, and biological sciences, which fuels our mission for helping our patients reduce pharmaceutical dependencies.

Patient Care

At ReCELLebrate we uphold the highest standards of patient care. Not only do we work with you to provide the personalized treatments you desire, but our Stem Cell Specialists are diligent about ensuring your optimal comfort during each stage of the process.

Whether you are seeking holistic modalities to heal address chronic health problems, you want to use regenerative medicine to restore vitally, or you are simply interested in exploring stem cell activation as it relates to pain management, anti-aging, and health and wellness, , we are here to help you reach your wellness goal with ease. For a limited time, you can schedule a FREE consultation with Dr. Jeffrey D. Gross today to see if stem cell activation can be right for you!